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Let us eat cake! Personally, I would love to have any of these cakes for my own event! These cakes will delight any tween, teen, adult or senior too!
Oh, and by the way, don’t let the ‘kid cakes’ thing throw you. Because that is the only way to have your cake…and eat it too! Why? These cakes need to be displayed and photographed!
Amazing cakes can act as the centerpiece to the decor at a party, matching or complementing the party theme. A great birthday cake can be a highlight at a birthday party for a child (or children!). Cakes today can be so incredible. What they all have in common is that they all make me smile! Some are even made by moms and dads for their own kids.
These edible works of art were made by various talented cake decorators and bakeries. I have so much fun searching (literally) thousands of cakes to bring you photos of those that are truly great. These birthday cakes fantastic!  Want to see some amazing cakes?


You could also decorate the cake based on the birthday boy or girl’s specific interests, such as sports or movies. For a woman’s 21st birthday cake, decorate the cake with ornate designs and patterns from her favorite fashions. Instead, skip the hangover and plan some good clean fun that still allows everyone to have a drink or two.
But it’s important not to go overboard with things like alcohol and lascivious entertainment. So if you’re planning a birthday party for the 21st birthday of a friend or family member, you’ll want to plan a very memorable bash. You’ve become a full fledged adult with the right to vote and the right to drink.  When you reach your 21st birthday, you’ve reached an important milestone.