Find Alice in Wonderland birthday cake ideas, party supplies, invitations, pinatas, favors and everything you need to make an amazing Alice in Wonderland birthday party. Alice in Wonderland theme cake and cupcake ideas are found in stores online at very reasonable prices. If you are planning a birthday party for your daughter on her next birthday consider an Alice in Wonderland birthday party especially if your child is a great fan of Alice in Wonderland. Alice in Wonderland is a Disney movie which is very popular amongst children.
Of course I will mix in pictures of some of the beautiful cakes others have made as well and there are some really great ones. Now we are all not professional cake decorators and a lot of us do not work with fondant so I wanted to show different ideas I found that really anyone can do. Anyway my point with this page is to give you some ideas on creating an Alice in Wonderland Cake for your next party. Tim Burton I think was the right guy to do just that .
I also think the new movie starring Johnny Depp is going to bring a new life to the classic animated version. There is something about the twisted world and that Mad Hatter that attracts us adults too. The thing with this party theme is that is not just for the young kids, but the adults really like it as well.  With the much anticipated Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland Movie there is no doubt in my mind that an Alice in Wonderland Party Theme will become a popular party theme once again.